Thursday, April 2, 2020

Lycoming Football - Schedule Changes Due To The Global Pandemic

The Lycoming College Warriors
Williamsport, PA - By now, the Lycoming Football program's spring practice would be in full swing. But the COVID-19 virus has thrown D3 Football into a cloudy mess. In fact all winter and spring sports have been drastically affected. Basketball schedules cut short, wrestling tournament dropped in the middle of their nationals, etc. So what affect is it having on football now and the fall season? contacted Mike Clark and here is what we have learned so far. The whole coaching staff is working from home. Spring practice has been canceled. Along with that, this years trip to Montreal has been canceled. That is a real letdown for the 2020 seniors looking forward to this trip. Also, recruiting is challenging since students will not get a chance to visit the Lycoming Campus.

However, Head Coach Mike Clark told us, "Recruiting is going well. We’re just trying to be creative in how we communicate with prospects since they can’t come to camp for a visit." Mike wasn't more specific with what creative means. All in all, this is a challenge for football not seen since September 11, 2001. I remember how shocked everyone was but football was still played. This virus has everything on edge, a challenge to colleges and universities around the country.

I am also hearing that players are keeping in shape. Thank goodness Lycoming has a Strength and Conditioning coach for guidance. And some wonder if we will even play D3 Football in the fall. That remains to be seen. The highest priority will be the players, coaches and fans for sure.

So that is the latest from what we know right now. We will keep you informed as we receive more information.

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