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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 Lycoming Football Video - These Guys Are So Good

I used a Mevo camera that switches camera angles automatically. On occasion, it shows the wrong shot, but as you can see, it has done a good job at Misericordia.

Photos - Kyle Slivka-Fralin gets his third touchdown of the season

Monday, September 26, 2016

My Memories of 'A Great One" who passed away in Latrobe, PA

An Editorial
Memories of Arnold Palmer in the 60's are fresh in my misty eyes on the news of his passing. I started playing golf because of him. I could not get enough of him. I can remember being at the barber shop reading about him in Sports Illustrated. Pictures of him smoking a cigarette between his lips and eying a putt with that blue collar look are still fresh in my mind after 55 years. He was everything I wanted to be. He was a piece of my life during my influential days.

I was from a blue collar family. My father was a factory worker who never graduated from high school. My mother was a nurse the 3-11 shift to make ends meet for our family. It is that blue collar upbringing that is the soul of my character. Because of it, I fell in love with two games in my life, football and golf. Arnold Palmer inspired me to travel to Philadelphia and watch him in the US Open. He was not playing well. But the crowds, Arnies Army were still following him and not the leaders. I remember a spectator yelling to us to go watch the leader play. Why are you following Arnie? Well the truth is, it did not really matter how he was playing. It was just fun to watch him. He still gave every shot all that he had. He would not leave anything on the golf course. He always gave it his all.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Complete Photo Album - Lycoming Vs Misericordia

Complete Photo Album (Click)

Video - 2016 Lycoming Football Head Coach Mike Clark Interview

Head Coach Mike Clark talks about the win at Misericordia and comments on his thoughts about the game. Good play, work to do and Widener coming up!

Video - 2016 Lycoming Football RB Blake Bowman Interview

Sr RB Blake Bowman will never worry about his records. His interest is always perfection in performance and a win for the Warriors. He is a "Can Do" player without the in your face flair. Nice two touchdowns Blake!

Video - 2016 Lycoming Football QB Chase Whiteman Interview

Sr. QB Chase Whiteman always takes credit for the team play. He downplays his role in wins. He threw for two touchdowns and some key third down long yardage passes that were key to running touchdowns. We talked the Warrior senior.