Thursday, August 19, 2021

Lycoming Football - It Was Good To Get Back On The Sideline

Head Coach Mike Clark giving instructions before some pad action against Ithaca, NY (John Green Photo)

I was lucky enough to visit David Person and Lycoming Football's preseason practice. Little did I know that the team was scrimmaging Ithaca College. I had my camera. I use scrimmages to get used to my camera settings and other issues like how far to zoom on certain shots. I love capturing some pre-pads headshots since you can't see who is really in there.

 Enjoying the great weather before scrimmage (John Green Photo)

This post is also a good chance to show you where files will be stored for your viewing pleasure and free download if you or your family desires. I hope you enjoy this feature of . It is about you, the great players, family and all Lyco Fans. The Link for all your photo is at

Getting mentally prepared for what is to come. (John Green Photo)

More photos coming that you can enjoy. Stay tuned here for news and photos.

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