Sunday, January 19, 2020

Lycoming Football - 44th Annual Banquet Honors Achievements On And Off The Field

2019-20 Senior Football Class. / John Green Photo
D3 College Football is an exciting Division for those smaller colleges across the land. For the past 44 years Lycoming College has hosted this great event. The Seniors at Lycoming College are always honored for their achievements on and off the field. Other best of honors are also given where underclassmen are frequently honored. A fact that many miss is that the game of football is a small but exciting part of the college experience. Friends for an eternity are made in the college experience and a valuable diploma awaits those who can manage this rigerious challenge. This years seniors were justly honored, not just for their character and perseverance on the field. They were also honored for their student accomplishments off the field.

Even in terrible weather, family and friends came out to honor this year's senior class. / John Green Photo
Lycoming College has been recognized by Forbes as a top college for "Return on Investment", US News and World Report for "Best Colleges" and the 2020 Princeton Review as "One of the 385 Best Colleges" in the United States. So these seniors have accomplished what many schools cannot. Play the game they love so much and receiving a degree from one of the best colleges in the land this spring.

These people have been a blessing to me. So caring, uplifting and great friends. Thanks for all you have done for me.
(L_R) Sherry Kovach, Zach Kovach, and Steve Kovach. / John Green Photo
Head Coach Mike Clark, who is an amazing Master of Ceremonies by the way, recognized all seniors and praised each one and sometime quipped about their idiosyncrasies. Had me and others laughing. Mike also introduced Lycoming College President Dr. Kent C. Trachte who gave his thoughts on this year's team. Summarizing his thoughts, it was how impressed he was with the character of this team after a rough start to the season and a crushing defeat by Alvernia, most teams would have folded the tent and gone home. But not these young men. They proceeded to win the next three games by wide margins. They kept fighting back! In the next three games they averaged 47 points. And in the third game against Lebanon Valley they won by a 48-3 margin. PS: And the Dr. Trachte also mentioned me from the podium reference the following article (I believe): An Open Letter To The Lycoming Football Family

Enjoying the evening. / John Green Photo
So although it wasn't a great year statistically for the Warriors, it was a great year personally watching these seniors and underclassmen grow in maturity. So a toast to you Seniors. All the best seniors in your exciting life ahead. You have given me,  or us more than you will ever know. #GoLYCO

This photo is going viral on Twitter. Coach Steve "The Wizard Wiser" is starting his 50th year at Lycoming College. 46 years as a coach and 4 years as a student.

Friends forever! / John Green Photo

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