Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Lycoming Football Editorial - An Open Letter To The Lycoming Football Family

This is an open letter to the Lycoming players, family, fans and coaches. As we go into the last game of the season, I wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of love for my articles, photos and conversations. In many respects, this has been one of the most enjoyable years I have had following Warrior ball! And why you may ask? It is the players. Love these players. I love the joy they show playing this game in a competitive MAC D3 football atmosphere. So we head to a tough game at Owing Mills, MD against Stevenson. And I wanted to share a quote given to me today. I also wanted to say some words about this final game. So here it goes!

A hard-fought, well-fought, hairline-close game is as classical in sports as tragedy is in the theater. Victory is contained within defeat, and defeat is contained within victory. That's the way it is in the best of games. What counts in sports is not the victory, but the magnificence of the struggle. - Joe Paterno

Post game pep talk! /  John Green Photo
So I wanted to say that I have enjoyed the "Magnificence of the Struggle!" There have been many victories in those defeats. And there have been some defeats in those victories. But something magical has happened to this 2019 team. I don't know what it is. I don't know what happened after that defeat against Alvernia, but something did. For me it ventures on the verge of spiritual. Something has changed.

A Great bunch of guys! / John Green Photo
Now, I see in players eyes a joy again that I once saw years ago. They seem to be free from all chains of fear and doubt. I see players supporting other players. I see coaches encouraging players even when they "Mess Up!" And for me it all comes down to why we are on this earth to begin with. It isn't to just learn something, or just get a job, make money, etc. For me, we were put on this earth to love each other and enjoy each other. Most of all, we were put here to do all things for the "Glory of God!" And what I have seen is prayer after a game for those who want to partake. I have seen these young men asking for a prayer so that they might have a safe game, a good game and that they may give it "their all" for the "Glory of God!"

Our Father ...  /  John Green Photo
You see, we are here to enjoy what God has given to us! We are here to be thankful. We are here to help each other when we can. We are here to lift one another up! I lose sight of that from time to time, but this Methodist College has instilled in me back in 1973-77 the core values of repentance and forgiveness. And my church reminds me weekly of the freedom it gives me so I can enjoy all life has to offer each day, through thick or tin, good and bad. Do you see it. Victory in defeat and defeat in victory. It keeps me level most of the time. I am growing even now at 74.

Some of our great Warriors / John Green Photo
So I would encourage all who have read this far, hoping a couple have, that it is the "magnificence of the struggle" that counts in sports and in life. Victory is contained within defeat, and defeat is contained within victory.

In summary, I am so excited to watch these young men in their final game of 2019 at Owing Mills, MD! Some in the final game of their football life at Lycoming. I would like to thank each one by name personally, but I would surely miss someone. So do me a favor, hug your player, and family and friends. Tell them how much you have enjoyed them playing this great game we love and how much you love them. Thank them for all they have done. But most of all, tell them it is the "Struggle that Count" the most and may they play football and life for the "Glory of God!"

Humbly your photographer,

John Green '77

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