Saturday, August 17, 2019

Lycoming Football - Preseason Gets More Physical

The players really look forward to more contact, even if it is their fellow team players.
Williamsport PA - Practice number three saw a lot more physical contact by the defense. I really believed that the players looked forward to more football practices. Also, the players started real early. After the 6:45 am wakeup and breakfast, the players reported to the stadium for tape and dress for a three hour practice.

Going high after  a catch as the defense reacts to the play.
Particularly enjoyable for me was the quarterbacks and wide receivers working pass patterns with defense secondary players there to give them a sense of game play. This is actually preseason for me as I try to fine tune my camera settings. Right now, I have a number of "Out of Focus" shots that will have to be cleaned up by game day. But this gives me an opportunity to take a large number of photos for the players and parents of the 2019 Lycoming Football team. I emphase team, because this period of time is critical for all to understand that as a team and not as an individual, the program will rise above any difficulty. And every year has its own challenges for coaches, players and parents.

You talk about concentration on the ball.
What I try to do each year is tell a story with photos. These players are so great to be around. Most are very positive, picking each other up, not complaining about anything. So today I posted 135 new photos. I will spread them out over this weekend with some commentary as I give you parents what is going on at these preseason sessions. I will be back out there on Monday morning through Wednesday morning with my camera picking up new things. Then Thursday, I will be heading to Ithaca, NY for the Warriors first road trip of the year.

Christoff Minott following the ball all the way to the hands. I am told that you catch with the hands, not the shoulder pads :) .

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