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Lycoming College Football Championships Since Inception

Williamsport, PA - Lycoming College football has a great faired well in the MAC over the years. I thought it would be fun to pull out all of the championships we have won over the years.

YEAR    CONFERENCE                     CHAMPIONS         CONFERENCE    OVERALL        COACH
                                                                                               RECORD          RECORD
_____   ______________________   _____________    _____________    _________      _______

2013     MAC                                      Lycoming                       7-2                      7-3                 Clark

Warriors earn share of 15th MAC title, fall short of NCAAs

Mike Clark's Second MAC Championship (Photo courtesy of John Green)

Special OT performance lifts Warriors to 20-17 win over Lions

2008     MAC                                      Lycoming                       5-4                      7-4                 Clark

2003     MAC                                      Lycoming                       8-1                      9-2                Girardi

2000     Freedom League                    Lycoming                       4-0                      7-2               Girardi

1999     MAC & Freedom League     Lycoming                       9-0                     10-1                Girardi

1998     MAC & Freedom League     Lycoming                       9-0                     10-1                Girardi

1997    MAC & Freedom League      Lycoming                       9-0                     12-1                Girardi

1996    MAC & Freedom League      Lycoming                       8-0                     11-1                Girardi

1995    Freedom League                    Lycoming                       3-1                       8-3               Girardi

1992    MAC                                      Lycoming                       7-0-1                   8-1-1              Girardi

1991    MAC                                     Lycoming                        8-0                     10-1                Girardi

1990    MAC                                     Lycoming                        8-0                     12-1                Girardi

1989    MAC                                     Lycoming                        7-1                     10-2                Girardi

1985    MAC                                     Lycoming                        9-0                     10-1                Girardi

1982    MAC (Northern Division)      Lycoming                      6-1                       8-2                  Girardi

1979    MAC (Northern Division)      Lycoming                      6-0-1                   8-1-1               Girardi

1978    MAC (Northern Division)      Lycoming                      5-1                      7-2                  Girardi

# In 1958, the MAC (then MASCAC) established three leagues known as the University Division, Northern College Division and Southern College Division. From 1958 to 1969 there were champions from each division based on conference records. The conference did not break ties (and still does not) allowing for Co- and Tri-Champions in each division.

& Beginning in 1970, the University Division did not have formal league play and did not crown a champion. In 1972, the University Division dissolved to create the Northern Division and Southern Division. This lasted until 1982. In 1983, football shifted to one conference to play for a MAC title.

% From 1993 to 2000, the conference was split into two divisions called the Commonwealth League and Freedom League. The teams played teams from both divisions and the top team from each division was named Commonweath Leage Champions or Freedom League Champions. The team with the best combined record (MAC record) across the divisions was named the MAC Champion.

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