Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tyler Jenny walking the tight rope sideline, PS:

Photo by Dick Hostrander
Annville, PA -  Jr. QB Tyler Jenny walks the tight rope along the sideline during the Lebanon Valley  vs Lycoming football game. The Lycoming Warriors have been on the tight rope with their schedule of Widener, DelVal and the Dutchman. Ok, Lycoming has fallen off the tight rope, but there it has a safety net under this rope. That "Safety Net" is the Warriors still have a very good chance to win the MAC, their team goal before the start of the season. Which one of you Lyco fans believed that Lycoming could win three such games in a row? That would have been an accomplishment of great proportions. They tried hard, but they lost. So what I say!

So now the Warriors get to rest a week, reassess their strengths and weaknesses, and fix them before the last four games of the regular season. I still like their chances of winning the MAC Conference. Stay tuned!

PS: For anyone listening, why is the Lycoming offense so predictable? Every snap comes down to two seconds on the play clock. The defense at Lebanon Valley was licking their chops. They always knew when the ball would be snapped, it could not surprise them. Also, do we have a draw play in the game set, you know, QB draw, RB draw? Did I miss them? Where are middle screen passes or any screen pass? Haven't seen one this year. How many passes were there to our tight end Greg Kovacks over the middle? Don't these play keep linebackers honest. The Lebanon Valley LB's were eating us alive. Warning! I am not a coach. It is my Sunday afternoon questions after sleeping on this game. I do know that I would have enjoyed seeing all of those items listed above used to combat a great LVC defense. How about you. Leave a comment all you coaches.