Wednesday, September 25, 2013

These Warrior players are now called "Chunksters"

John Green Editorial
By John Green
Williamsport, PA -  After week three of the 2013 Lycoming football schedule, it is possible to find tendencies and trends for the Warrior offense. One trend that sticks out to me is the number of players who have been able to pick up yardage in big chunks. There are three and possible four player who I will nickname, "Chunksters!" Chunksters are players who have that ability to pick up yards in big situations in big "chunks" either scoring or giving Lycoming the opportunity to score.

So WR Ryan Umpleby (Click)
Ryan Umpleby
Leading off the list of "Chunksters" is sophomore wide receiver Ryan Umpleby. His ability to pick up large amounts of yardage is becoming a trademark for this talented Warrior player. Looking back at the Misericordia game as an example, he set the bar and set the tone of the game mainly due to his "chunks." On the opening kickoff, Ryan caught the ball two yards into the end zone and returned it down the right side line dodging tacklers while tiptoeing like on a tight rope for 63 yards, netting 61 yards, a big "chunk." Then after a penalty on the drive setting up a third and 18 on the Cougers 45 yard line, QB Tyler Jenny found Ryan open and completed a 35 yard pass to set up the first score of the game. Another "chunk" for Umpleby who has this knack of finding the open spot in the opponents secondary.

Looking back to the first quarter of the Wilkes game the week before, Umpleby caught a 26 yard pass from QB Tyler Jenny for another "chunk." Then in the second quarter he pulled down a 27 yard completion for his second "chunk" of the game going out of bounds at the Wilkes four yard line. That play set up Craig Needhammer's touchdown with 6:08 in the quarter. Apparently Ryan was just warming up,  because in the third quarter on a first and ten play from the Wilkes 38 yard line, Jenny found Umpleby open for the 38 yard touchdown score, completing his third "chunk" of the game.

Craig Needhammer has big game (Click)
Craig Needhammer
You don't have to be a wide receiver to qualify as a "Chunkster" and Jr RB Craig Needhammer is a testament to that comment. Needhammer had a 21 yard run for a touchdown in the first quarter of the Misericordia game ("chunk"), then in the same quarter he ran for 23 yards going out of  bounds at the Misericordia seven yard line for his second "chunk." Matt Atkinson completed the drive pulling down a seven yard pass from Tyler Jenny for one of four touchdowns for him this year.

Needhammer continued his chunk play. Early in the second quarter of the same game, Craig scrambled for another "chunk" for 23 yards  and a touchdown. Needhammer would up the anti with a 36 yard run to pay dirt late in the quarter putting the nail into the coffin of the Cougers. "Chunk!"

Matt Atkinson with Big Catch for Touchdown
Matt Atkinson
Our third "Chunkster" is Matt Atkinson. As we mentioned earlier, Matt has had four touchdowns in MAC play. He has the ability to get open for quick scores and has demonstrated that skill as he caught a 43 yard pass from QB Tyler Jenny against Misericordia. Can you say chunk? Matt also had a big gainer in the Wilkes game to set up a Needhammer touchdown. Atkinson grabbed a Jenny pass and ran for 30 yards going out of bounds at the Wilkes on yard line. Craig Needhammer finished it off with a one yard plunge to pay dirt for the Warriors.

Honorable Mentions
I am hoping I found all the 20 yards and over gainers this year, my benchmark for being credited for a "chunk." Her are some of the honorable mentions so far this year.

Jr QB Tyler Jenny can scramble when needed
Tyler Jenny rushed for 20 yards keeping a drive alive and setting up a Matt Atkinson pass completion of 11 yards for a touchdown against Wilkes in the first quarter of that game.

Freshman WR Corey Talerico with a 36 yard completion
Freshman Corey Talerico caught a 36 yard pass from Jenny in the first quarter of the Misericordia game. Nice "chunk."

Blake Bowman rush for 24 yards in the Misericordia game for a "chunk."

If you go to Widener game or other Lycoming games, you might hear calls from the crowd, "Come on Craig, get a "chunk!' Who was that "Chunkster" who just picked up 28 yards. So keep an eye on our Wide receivers, QB's and running back and keep track of the "chunks" in each game. Might be fun and statistically, you might be able to measure wins with chunks. Chunks will surely give us plenty of spark in any game. You could also keep a running tally of who has the most "chunks" for the year. This could become a big trend in D3 football... Well, probably not!


John Green