Friday, July 26, 2013

It feels and smells like Lycoming Football

John Green
By John Green
Williamsport, PA - As I look out the window in the Great Room, I see nothing but blue sky. The gentle breeze is playing with the leaves and my window is open allowing for the cool morning air to filter into the room. The past two day, it has had the feel and smell of football and for me it gets the hairs on the back of my neck active.

Today I have to find my golf clubs, get out the soft spiked shoes and head to White Deer Golf Course for the Annual Lycoming Football Charity Golf Scramble. It will be great to get around that Blue and Gold crowd in the club house. There will be Frank Girardi, smiling that pleasant smile, chuckling as he tells a story, shakes hands with old friends and acts as unofficial host of the event. Mike Clark will be there, sorting things out, giving out jackets or shirts to the more than 100 Lycoming faithful.

Steve Wiser
Who could forget "Stevie" Wiser, someone who in my opinion could sell snowmakers to Eskimos, could get you if you played for him to walk over that cliff for him. He is one fine man who has called me eight times about this tournament and would rather you call him than text him. He a people person, just like Frank and Mike.

I have a fondness for all of them, a boy in a candy store attitude which asks which one do I want to try first. There will be good food there and drinks to help lather up the conversation. There will be old stories repeated again and again, just like the hunting camp ritual. There will be plenty of prizes for all to be given out.

So its time for my shower, time to get an appropriate hat on my head, time to fire up the car and its   time to find some Blue and Gold. For it is time to thinking about Lycoming Football. I can feel it coming, chills fluttering in me. I can smell the green grass, the cool scent of fall just sneaking a peek into my head. Yes, it is time to gather the troops, talk about successes together, break bread together and share in that family reunion call Lycoming Football. It all starts with the golf tournament the last wee of July.