Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Steve Wiser Returns to Lycoming College Football Staff

Defensive Coordinator Steve Wiser
"I just don't think I could have lived any life other than what I have been doing ", was the way Steve Wiser summed up his decision over the past weekend to return to the Lycoming College football coaching staff.

Williamsport, PA - An academic and football graduate of Lycoming College, Wiser joined the Frank Girardi staff where he became the assistant head coach along with his key role of being the defensive coordinator for a period of 34 years. Over those years he has become known in as Mr. Lycoming D as his units have finished the seasons with high statistics including being as high as Number 1 in NCAA Division III. He has, in those seasons, been a part of the Girardi program that won 257 games, won 13 Middle Atlantic Conference championships, played in the NCAA Division III national playoffs in as many years and the program, at one time, that ran off 29 consecutive winning seasons.

"I love the school and what it stands for. I had (for) a long time desired to be the head football coach when Frank (Girardi) retired. I was naturally disappointed, as many others were, when I did not get the job but after being away from there and the kids over the past few weeks, I realized it is where I had to be. I had several meetings with Mike (Mike Clark, new head coach). He asked me if I would come on his staff. Last week I made that decision. Hopefully, I can have my fellow defensive coach, Mike Weber, coming back as well."

Weber is also a Lycoming graduate and is employed in the Muncy area school district.
Wiser and Clark held a meeting of the 2008 Warrior team Sunday evening to tell those players what was happening. Wiser (will) returned to the college full time Monday morning.