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Lycoming Football - Lycoming Vs Widener Player of the Week

A career day for this Southern Columbia standout.
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Our pick for Lycoming Vs Widener Game 2 "Player of the Week" is Sr WR Stephen Toczylousky. What a game he had and was so instrumental in the big historic win over longtime rival Widener. As a pass receiver, you cannot catch the ball unless you get open. Stephen did all of that and more. When you are open, you have to catch the ball with the pressure on. He did all of that and more as you will see when I review his fourth quarter heroics. He had a career day as of this writing (He will probably even raise the bar before this season is over. We would love it).

So let's look at what Stephen did in this game. His total stats for the game were as follows:  Toczylousky was tops as a receiver with 7 receptions and 145 total yards. He also had one touchdown.  And he also caught the longest pass of the day at 47 yards. His total yardage was over 50% more than wide receiver Tyjah During who matched him in  touchdowns and receptions.

Toczylousky lead off Lycoming scoring with a 10 yard catch from So QB Elijah Shemory on an opening drive  of the game. That took just three minutes to complete. Later on with a 3rd and 9 at the Widener 27, Stephen caught a key pass giving us a much needed first down that lead to the 10 yard touchdown catch by During. Lycoming ended the quarter with a 13-7 lead over the Pride.

Although Toczylousky was blanked in the second quarter he again in the third quarter was a key to setting up the touchdown by Joey Guida that moved the Warriors to a 28-23 deficit. But the biggest contribution to the Lycoming win in my opinion was Stephen's continuous ability of getting open in key situations keeping the valuable Warrior momentum in that dramatic, pressure cooker fourth quarter.

Let's look back at the fourth quarter when Lycoming was behind 42-23. So QB Chase Snavely was taking over for injured Shemory. On a 2nd and 10 at the Widener 34, Snavely connected with Toczylousky for 19 yards setting up the Snavely one yard touchdown run. Lycoming tried for two points but failed, so the score moved to Widener 42-29 Lycoming.

Then Stephen caught that 47 yard air bomb from Snavely setting up the 24 yard scoring pass to Christoff Minott. That drive, just two plays for a touchdown ratcheted up the frenzy at David Person Field two notches. The drive took just 34 seconds. The score was now Widener 42-36 Lycoming and the fans were going wild.

The biggest play of the game in my opinion was definitely when time was running out for the Warriors. With 4th and 10 at the Widener 31, Snavely throws a bullet to Toczylousky. With great inside position on the defenders, Stephen draws the interference call as a player went over his back trying to defend. At that point, there was only 40 seconds on the clock.  Then Toczylousky, with sure hands grabs an important 9 yard pass to the Widener 10. This set up the final touchdown by Fr RB Joey Guida tying the score. The rest is history as Jamie Fisher drilled the game winning PAT. Final Score: Lycoming 43-42 Widener!!!

In my opinion, receivers setting up touchdowns for other Warrior players is almost as valuable as making them yourself. In this game, Stephen Toczylousky was involved in almost every scoring drive by the Warriors and set up many. That is why he is www.LycomingFootball.com 's Game 2 "Player of the Week."

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