Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Lycoming Football 2019 Player of the Week - Warriors Vs Colonels Game 3

2019 PLAYER OF THE WEEK - Game 3
Lycoming Vs Wilkes

I was impressed with the Warrior defense Saturday as our offense had a sticky start out of the blocks. Yes, the defense gave up a long pass play on the Wilkes initial drive. Wilkes on their own 5 yard line, on the first snap of the game completed a Jose Tabora pass to A. Fofana for 41 yards to the Wilkes 48 yard line. After an 80 yard drive and 8 plays later the Warrior defense stiffened as Wilkes QB Jose Tabora's pass was intercepted by Lyco's Korahn Williams in the endzone. Lycomings offense had a three and out possession which used only 1 minute of time. The Warrior defense was out on the hot turf again with little rest. The Colonels used up another 5 minutes of the first quarter and scores this time for a 7-0 early lead.

The defense did not allow another touchdown until the fourth quarter as they had their backs to the wall a number of times giving up just a field goal. Lycomings defense was on the field too much in this game (60% of the time plus most of the two overtime periods). In the end, the Warriors offense, after getting on track posted 17 points and had the lead. The Warriors after some fortunate positive breaks and some costly pressure decisions, came up short in the contest. But I never saw a team keep battling in such adverse conditions, especially the defense. That is why "Lycoming Football" has picked a defensive player for the 2019 Game 3 Player of the Week.

Our choice is a young man who is just a freshman but playing like a seasoned veteran for the Warrior defense. He was in a lot of my photos. Also, I saw an old time Lycoming fan. So I asked him who impressed him the most in the game we just witnessed? Out of his mouth without hesitation was this players number, #26. Lastly, we check the statistics after each game. It was very obvious who our choice was going to be for the Player of the Week honors.

So yes, our pick is #26 Fr DB Austin Rowley from Schwenksville, Pa., Perkiomen Valley High School. We were impressed with his numbers. Austin had 10 solo tackles and two pass breakups. The closest to Rowley in the solo category was #30 Sam Pawlikowski with 6 and 9 total tackles. And Austin came out of nowhere as he had no stats in the game against Susquehanna. He did have five tackles in the Widener game plus the only interception in that game. So we are excited about this young freshman defensive back who seems to be an up and coming leader of the Wiser defense.

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