Friday, August 23, 2019

Lycoming Football - On the Road at Ithaca

Ithaca, NY - I always love covering preseason activities for each Lycoming football season. Ithaca was a great trip because I usually go early and look for some interesting views of the area. So along with the 190 photos that I kept from the 850 photos shot, some are of the stops along the way. I hope you enjoy the interspersing of some of the areas visited.

(L-R) Sr DL Ahmad Curtis,  Fr DL Abubakar Audu Jr.,  So DL Marshall Charles, and Fr LB Taytdum Fortson head for some defensive play.
All Ithaca Scrimmage Photos

I visited Stewart Park and one of the many sailing boats on the lake.
All Ithaca Scrimmage Photos

Sr RB Keith Batkowski - Hard to believe that you are a senior already!
All Ithaca Scrimmage Photos

A Blue Heron at Stewart Park
All Ithaca Scrimmage Photos

So RB Chase Cramer gets some action.
All Ithaca Scrimmage Photos

Fr RB Nick Briener (PS: Hoping I have that number right) with a good run!

Everyone got a chance to get action today. The offensive players were on the West Practice Field and the defense was on the adjoining East Practice Field.

Fr RB Joey Guida makes a spectacular reach and catch for a nice gain.
All Ithaca Scrimmage Photos

Stewart Park in Ithaca, NY where geese are enjoying the backwater of Ithaca Lake.
All Ithaca Scrimmage Photos

Fr P Michael Coe recovers with a great punt during the scrimmage. By the way, I met Michael's family at Ithaca. And when I do, I always make it a point to find their son and take photos. So please introduce yourself. I love talking to family of the players. Also, punters and kickers are in my book unsung heros. They can make up field advantage in a hurry!
All Ithaca Scrimmage Photos

So WR Dan O'Hare makes an amazing catch in traffic. Nice grab Dan!
All Ithaca Scrimmage Photos

I guess you know by now that I am also a bird photographer. I know where they hide and find them often.
All Ithaca Scrimmage Photos
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