Monday, September 10, 2018

Lycoming Football - You have to feel real good about Jr RB Jacob Fimbres

#36 Jacob Fimbres (La Habra, Calif./Sonora)
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Williamsport, PA - You have to really feel good for Jacob Fimbres, the California junior who took a chance and came to Williamsport for a college education. Football was also in the mix and I can remember the first time I met him at a preseason practice. I had heard about this California native coming to Billtown to play football. Having a son who lives in Burbank, CA, the 2,390 miles away as the crow flies (according to Amazon's Alexa) traveling back and forth is a logistic issue.  For Jacob, going home on breaks would be more than difficult. And the weather change is another issue as I pictured this young man as a flamboyant surfer type and not a slalom skier.

After that first meeting with him, I remember how measured he was to my "probably" too many questions. This is not a bad thing for a young man, but in fact I think a very good thing. Jacob seemed to be one of those players who would work hard, give more than 100 percent. He reminded me of someone who would let his actions speak louder than his words. I do remember that I was saddened not seeing him play last year. Don't know if you know that Jacob suffered an injury and did not have one touch of the football in game action. Wow, not easy to handle physically or mentally. That would be it for most people and you would not blame someone for calling it quits.

But you see, Jacob is not a quitter. I wonder what drives him. Was it his biblical first name? The name did intrigued me. Yes, I have a soft spot for biblical names. Take my twin brother and me. My mother named us, James and John! I liked it!! Two of the 12 disciples "in name only." Many parents choose biblical names for their children because of the meaning it portrays. I do know that the name Jacob is one of the great old testament names used by many parents.

According to my knowledge of the old testament, Jacob was chosen by God for his greatness and likeability. Notable moments in his life include reconciling with his brother whom he tricked for his birthright, dreaming about a stairway between heaven and earth (commonly referred to as “Jacob’s Ladder”), wrestling with the angel of God until he received God’s blessing, and receiving the new name “Israel” from the Lord, which means “contender, fighter” or “God prevails.” Jacob was also the father of the twelve sons from whom the twelve tribes of Israel descended.

From what I have seen, I do believe this Jacob we know is a contender, a fighter, and is destined to prevail. Not just on the football field, but in life. Do you see what I see? A young man who gets back up off the mat when life slams him for a two count. He got up, got prepared and is the leading rusher for the Warriors after two games. And he was over the magical 100 yard mark for running backs in the Widener game with 117 net yards which included a timely 49 yard scamper. And he only handled the ball half the time because the Warriors have the one two punch. Lycoming's double threat Jr RB Keith Batkowski from Montoursville, PA, just about 5 miles from the college. Keith was also over 100 yards rushing in that game.

So I feel real good about this young man Jacob Fimbres. I wish him all the best in his football career and in life. It is guys like him and Keith that get me excited for Warrior football. You know, every person on this football team has a story just as compelling, I am sure of that. You want to believe that every player on this squad has the contender in them, the fighter in them and the will to prevail in all circumstances. The two count won't keep them down. They do have a mentor to measure themselves by and that person is Jacob Fimbres. He is someone you can get excited about. He is someone you can look up to as an example. 

So Jacob, I just wanted to give a shout out early in this season. All the best to you! Enjoy this season and enjoy life. We are happy you are here and happy for you. We can't wait to watch your career as a member of the Warrior family and the Lycoming Football Legacy!

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John Green '77


Courtesy of Lycoming College
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Previous College: Played in seven games while rushing for 73 yards and a touchdown at Pasadena City College.

High School: A four-year letterwinner in football and track and field at Sonora … a fourth team all-state pick as a senior… a three-time first team all-league running back … amassed 2,373 rushing yards, 3,120 all-purpose yards and 39 touchdowns his senior year, all school records … had three 300-yard rushing games his senior year while topping 100 yards in every game.

Personal: Son of Marisela and James Fimbres … has two brothers, James and Jason, and a sister, Maddi … major is undeclared.