Sunday, September 2, 2018

Lycoming Football - So you thought there were a lot of turnovers and perfection gone wrong!

A photo series of perfection (John Green)
I was there and saw the turnovers. They seemed to come often and at the wrong time. Changing momentum that was needed in this river rivalry. Well, how many of those turnovers were next to perfect? Check out the photo at the top and then look at the rest of the photos. This pass from freshman Elijah Shemory was perfect, right on the money. And Sr WR and record holder Nick Costello was in perfect position to bring down an up for grabs reception. And this is what happened to perfection. The perfect defensive play by the River Hawks defender. What are your thoughts? Tweet them under hashtag #perfect.

The Susquehanna defender has the leverage on Sr WR Nick Costello

Slipping away from a Lycoming reception

Nick doing all he can to hang on!

Costello with one hand still on the ball and still fighting for it!

Nick still has not given up!

The perfect pass to the perfect receiver trumped by the perfect defensive play.