Monday, September 11, 2017

It is a sad day, but I have to step away!

It is quality players like Mike Ward and many others that I will truly miss each week.
Williamsport, PA -  With much thought, prayer and meditation, I have made one of the biggest decisions in my life. For 21 years I have been going to Lycoming football games, both home and away . It became a passion for me, addicted to these young men who play for the pure love of football. I love DIII football, I love MAC football, but most of all, I love Lycoming football. Lycoming football has a legacy of family, and Coach Girardi groomed that valuable asset into every one he touched. He was such a great influence in my life. You could interview him and ask him anything and he would answer with grace. He always made you feel better when leaving than you were before the interviews. Just a class act and approachable for any discussion.

Over the years, taking action photos of the players has been a great joy. I enjoyed trying to capture the mood of the game, both joys and sorrows. This is what these young players learn playing the game of football. But all of that is coming to an end.

You see, you cannot keep doing something you love when there is friction over an extended period of time. For the past couple of years there are those connected with Lycoming Football who would rather not see me on the sidelines. They make their feelings known in many different ways. I have tried to ignore it. Something has to change.

In my roll as a Lycoming fan, I have always been an honest analyst of the football program. I enjoy analytics, not to berate anyone. I always try to determine what is the state of Warrior football. That has been what is about. So I am stepping away. I will miss taking photos of players each week more than you will ever know. The electricity of standing along the sidelines with Lycoming football players has been so exciting for me.

What will I be doing each weekend this fall is covering the MAC "Game of the Week" on Hopefully, Lycoming College will be one of those games I cover in the near future. I will also keep updating with press releases as I get them.

It has been a great ride for me. I want to thank Lycoming College for all they have done for me over the years. But most of all I want to thank past and present players for treating this old man so well. I cherish all those memories and will never forget them. You are all special to me.


John Green '77
PS: Go Lyco!