Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Words of encouragement for Lycoming's Equipment Manager Joe Lumbis

URGENT MESSAGE: It has come to our attention that Joe Lumbis, Lycoming's Equipment Manager of 29 years is experiencing physical difficulties which will require surgery in early January 2017. Joe does not use email or cell phones. The Lycoming Warrior family is asking that you send Joe a card with a note of encouragement and a specific moment you remember about Joe as soon as possible. This would go a long way to encourage Joe in this new challenge of his life.

Maybe, most importantly is to put Joe on your prayer chain and pass this note to as many people as you can. Our Lycoming Warrior family is so strong and so important to the school. Let's make a big difference in Joe's life.

His home address is:
Mr. Joe Lumbis
2757 Cochran Ave
Duboistown, PA 17702

Thanks you for all you do.

Some Lycoming Warrior family members
Let's make a difference!