Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why a high school athlete would want to come to Lycoming College and play football

(L-R ) #64 Dwight Hentz, #27 Kyle Sullivan, #39 Tanner Troutman and #26 Ryan Mihoci
Williamsport, PA - All across the east coast, high school football players will be visited by Division III football coaches. Each player will have a life changing decision to make on where to play the game that they love. Each player will visit campuses and see if their personality fits with the campus, players and coaches. A big decision to be made. Here is why I would be picking Lycoming College if I were a standout high school
football athlete.

College Degree
Lycoming College was founded in 1812 and consistently ranks among the top 200 colleges in the nation for a quality education and student life. Lycoming offers a vibrant, residential community where 85 percent of the students live on campus in a welcoming and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to have fun and further enhance their overall development by immersing themselves in the residential experience. You get a great education, help in succeeding when things seem difficult by care instructors and the diploma upon graduation stands out against others in the competitive job market. Lycoming College is a great school atmosphere and a great school.

Football Legacy
Head Coach Mike Clark has continued right where legendary retired coach Frank Girardi left off. Under Coach Clark's six years at the helm, he has led the Warriors to their 14th and 15th MAC Championship the latest coming in 2013. He not only has been able to attract fine athletes, but has Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator Steve Wiser who has been at Lycoming for 40 years. Mike Weber has 25 years of coaching at Lycoming and the list goes on. Stability and knowledge is very important to a great football program and the Warriors have that stability and knowlege.

Throw in the culture built by Girardi which is all about family. The Lycoming football program is family. One of the great quotes by Frank Girardi eco's into this program, "No matter what you do, I will never abandon you." You are family and that is unconditional when you come to this program. Mike Clark has continued this tradition and the results show in the young men he has guided on and off the field.

Building the Legacy
The last part of why I would come to Lycoming College is about me. If I were a high school athlete, I would want to be a part of building on the legacy of one of the best Division III football programs on the East Coast. I would look at myself and ask some questions. Do I have the character to be an influence on this program? Can I give my all for improving the Lycoming legacy? Do I want to be a part of something great? Do I want a great education? Does being a part of a legacy family, unconditionally, mean something to me? This legacy continues after graduation and over the adult years of my lifey. Yes, building the legacy of Lycoming Football is about me, the high school athlete. I am someone who can make things better than I found it.

When you come to Lycoming, you have found something special and you can make it very special. That is why I would come here and that is why I did come to Lycoming College back in 1973.

John Green
Class of 1977