Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lyco's Talerico happy to be playing again after time away

#12 Corey Talerico So WR Moosic, Pa. / Riverside HS
By MITCH RUPERT (, Williamsport Sun-Gazette
With the play that was called late in Lycoming's game against Delaware Valley, there was a good chance the football was going to be thrown to Corey Talerico. It's just how the play happens to be designed against the defense the Warriors were seeing.

Only Talerico isn't usually in that spot. It was a spot usually occupied by senior receiver Matt Atkinson. Atkinson, though, had been battling a nagging ankle injury for much of the game three weeks ago at David Person Field and was standing on the sideline for the finish of the most crucial drive for the Lycoming offense.

Talerico, a sophomore from Riverside High School, ran his route, streaking across the back line of the end zone. Quarterback Tyler Jenny then delivered a head-high pass into his hands. Talerico rolled out of the way of the converging safety, corralling what turned out to be the winning score in a 19-16 victory.

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