Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lycoming Football Hangout Tuesday evening at 8:00pm

Join us at 8:00pm October 8th at 8:00pm for the Lycoming Football Hangout Broadcast
There will be a Google hangout tonight (Tuesday) at 8:00pm. If you want to be on the show and discuss Lycoming football, send me your Google email address to jgreen45@gmail.com by 6:00pm today. I will then send you an invitation so you can be online by 7:45pm. The show will start at 8:00pm. You will need to have a microphone and headset or ear buds to participate on the show.

Others can view and watch the Lycoming Football Hangout Show at www.lycomingfootball.com at 8:00pm. We will discuss the DelVal game, the upcoming Lebanon Valley game and anything else that comes up during this one hour hangout. So join us either by participating on the show or viewing the show at 8:00pm here at www.lycomingfootball.com .