Monday, September 2, 2013

Thoughts from my Franklin and Marshall trip

#91 Adin Hines Fr DL from Harrisburg, Pa. / Susquehanna Township HS
Williamsport, PA - One of the best things for me is going to scrimmages and road game to watch Lycoming Football each year. I have been doing that since 1996. I am a 1977 graduated of this great school and my degree has been a blessing to my life.

I did have fun on my Lycoming / Franklin and Marshall trip on Saturday. Other than taking photos and video of the scrimmage, I had a chance to talk to some parents outside the fences. I especially enjoy meeting freshman parents who are excited about Lyco Football and on board for their first year. I know they will be glad they on Team Warrior which means we are all family.

As I said, on Saturday, I headed to Lancaster, PA around 9:00am and pulled into town around 11:30am. I found a Starbucks like store where I ordered a Turkey BLT on wheat and a soda. I was not sure where the football team would be playing, and as I ate, I looked up through the storefront glass and right across the street before my eyes,  elevated a bit was the football field. I relaxed knowing that the field was easy access for me.

I pulled into the field parking lot, assembled my equipment and headed to meet Joe Lumbas. It was a very hot day, 91 on my cell phone weather app. In the second half of the scrimmage, I had plenty of photos and video for posting on and headed over to a group of people leaning against the fence. There I met Mr. Dimaio, the father of #37 Dennis Dimaio, Fr FB from Cockeysville, Md. / Loyola Blakefield HS. I kidded him that he lived in Stevenson country and he agreed, but was glad to be on the Lycoming bandwagon.

Lycoming has a number of players from Maryland this year, an area that we have not had much presence in before. Looking at the 2013 Lycoming roster, we have 10 players from Maryland and nine of them are freshman. Pennsylvania and New Jersey have been dominant recruiting areas, so it is nice to see the penetration into Maryland this year.

When I came back, and after posting my videos and photos, I received an email from Chris Konrad, father of #60 Michael Konrad Fr OL from Gaithersburg, Md. / Good Counsel HS. He wanted to know what it cost and how can he purchase photos off our website. The answer I sent him was there is NO COST to you. Please feel free to browse through the photos each week at The site has a PHOTOSTREAM which is the latest posted photos. Also you will see SETS which will contain each weeks game photos. Clicking on the three dots at the right 1/4 of the way down when in a set, you will find COLLECTIONS which house all 2013 Lycoming Football photos, 2012 Lycoming Football photos, etc. Also, I believe you can get prints off of which I do not make any money. I am in this thing for the passion of DIII football.

On Friday of this week, I will be leaving Williamsport for the Brockport game. I like to go early when I can and case the area and enjoy my weekend. I will be updating the account with some pre-game news, on field photos and the latest rumors, so keep checking twitter on your smartphone. By the way, if you have a smart phone, translates to a phone with a clean and efficient look. Try it out.

When the game starts, my work habit is to take photos of action and celebrations. When the team gets close to the 20 yard line, I take video. I love both formats so I hope you look at both when visiting the site.

Lastly, I hope you are ready for some Warrior Football, because I am so excited for this season to start. Please drop me a line at or say hi at the game. Looking forward to meeting you and as a caution, I might even write about you and your son. I like to hear stories about the area you live in and how your son got to Lycoming.