Friday, September 6, 2013

Are you getting ready for some Warrior football

Rochester, NY -  This morning I got up early and packed my gear and headed to Rochester, NY for the Brockport vs Lycoming football game. The game is Saturday at 1:00pm at the University of Rochester. I normally travel the same day, except to longer trips. For me it is a fun time to stay overnight, usually at the same motel as the team. I get a chance sometimes to chat with coaches just before lights out.

The trip was a very easy ride. I jumped onto Route 15 by my house which takes me through the New York border. I turned onto I86 and then I390. the road was mostly four lane highway door to door with some construction for paving and bridge work. The scenery is spectacular in northern Pennsylvania and New York State. There wasn't a cloud in the sky until I reached Rochester. The closer I came to Rochester the more excited I seemed to get for Warrior football.

Yesterday, I received an email from a freshman father I have been talking to through email. He was so excited because his son made the traveling squad. The thrill of seeing your son in Blue and Gold for the first game of the season will be one to cherish. I should get to meet him before the game and that is on of the great things about DIII football for me. The young men who are so respectful, eager and full of energy for the game has an appeal for me.

Now I know there might be some who read this update who's son did not make the trip. I know you are disappointed. Lycoming has over 100 players and around 66 travel to away games as I remember so many can not make the trip. So just hang in there, their chance will come and for sure, next week you will see your son dressed in a Warrior uniform.

I am sitting in a Starbucks right now typing this update. Starbucks can be an interesting hangout for me. Right now there is a girl sitting right to my right shoulder eating fried chicken she brought into the store and listening to her iPhone. I am used to the noise and can keep my train of thought, usually.

Anyway, why the sidetrack I do not know, I am just typing what enters my mind. Mostly, I am enjoying the beautiful day in Rochester and checking for DIII football news to share with you. Thanks for checking out of which we have over 500 visitors so far this year and growing. Please spread the word.