Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lycoming College unveils new athletics identity

Lycoming College President Kent Trachte with
Lycoming Head Football Coach Mike Clark present the new
"L" logo unveiled today at a noon press conference
WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. - A new, vibrant and contemporary family of logos and word marks, along with a customized font package for Lycoming College’s 17-sport intercollegiate athletics program, were introduced during a news conference Tuesday, Aug. 13, in Burchfield Lounge.

“Throughout the design process, the college was committed to identifying an image that promotes the core concepts of strength, honor, excellence and tradition,” director of athletics and head football coach Mike Clark said. “We feel the new logo reflects the dynamic direction of Lycoming athletics. We are very excited to wear it into competition.”
The new identity program was created by the nationally-recognized Joe Bosack Graphic Design Co., which also has done logos for several collegiate programs, such as Akron, Bucknell, Manhattanville and Mississippi State and professional teams, including the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche and AHL’s Hershey Bears. The new set of athletic marks includes the following components:

-          A primary mark that features both a logo (the sword and shield logo) and word mark;
-          Sport-specific word marks that incorporate both Lycoming  and Lyco;
-          Secondary marks;
-          A customized font package;
-          A style manual on proper logo and word mark usage by internal and external constituencies.

Head Football Coach Mike Clark
with new logo on football helmet.
The athletics department will continue to use blue (PMS color 540) and gold (PMS color 130) as its official colors, while utilizing gray (PMS color 129) as an accent color in the primary logo.

The new set of marks will replace the block L logo, which has been in use since 2005. Prior to that, the college used an “Indian Head” mark for nearly 50 years, but changed the logo due to NCAA legislation that banned the use of American Indian imagery by sports teams during its postseason tournaments.

“This identity system helps further the principal concepts that we looked to while developing a new logo,” assistant director of athletics and sports information director Joe Guistina said. “A big thanks goes to the college’s athletics logo committee, the survey participants and the Joe Bosack Design Group staff for their dedication and valuable input in helping us visually identify our core principals as an athletic department.”

A review of the college’s athletics program’s marks began in the spring of 2011 and was led by an internal committee comprised of athletic staff, students, faculty and staff members, and alumni. The committee conducted a survey that focused on what the community would like to see in a new visual identity for the athletic department. Survey results showed that the community identified strongly with the nickname, “Warriors,” and with the core tenants of tradition, strength and honor.

In 2012, the Joe Bosack Design Group was selected by the committee to provide the creative materials for the new identity system. The internal committee, working with the design group, met several times throughout the winter and spring to develop the new logos and marks.

The new visual identity will be phased in through normal purchasing cycles with new uniforms, practice gear and accessories donning the new look. Apparel and merchandise with the new logo will be available in the campus store at the beginning of the fall semester, which begins Monday, Aug. 26.