Friday, August 30, 2013

Does Lycoming Football have a target on their back?

Williamsport, PA - The Lycoming College football team has been picked to win the Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) by the coaches in a recent poll. My question is, "Does that put a target on the Warriors back?" Last year, the Warriors were 8-2, losing to Brockport State, a non-conference game and Widener, a home game loss in the last two minutes of the contest. This year, the Lyco coaches have this sense that the team is capable of stepping up another notch.

Mike Clark, in his sixth year as head coach at Lycoming has stated that "Warrior fans expect better than an 8-2 records." Many in the know believe this year could be the year it happens. One problem however is when players and coaches read the "Newspaper Headlines" so to speak and read how successful they are supposed to be and believing it. When that is the case, bad things are sure to happen.

Mike Clark's 6th year as Head Coach
I believe that Mike Clark, Scott Brisson - Offensive Coordinator, and Steve Wiser -Assist. Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator will not let that happen. They will take extra steps to bring anyone back down to earth and play one week at a tiem.

This year offensively, Lycoming has some experience in it's running and passing game. Jr. QB Tyler Jenny had a great year last year as the starting signal caller for the entire year. He is smart, mobile and accurate in his passing game. He makes good decisions in tight situations, can handle the pressure of big games and is a player to watch develop even further this year. And that is what Scott Brisson and Mike Clark expect him to do.

During the Warrior's kickoff luncheon at the Ross Club in downtown Williamsport, Clark talked about the expectations for Jenny to improve this year. As the famous saying goes, "You either improve or you get worse, no one stays the same." I believe you will see Tyler improve this year since he is the type of person who is driven. Scott Brisson, the QB coach will keep working with him. The combination of Brisson and Jenny working together is a good fit from what Coach Clark has indicated.

I'm also expecting quality play from Sr WR Matt Atkinson, Jr WR John Sibel, Jr RB Craig Needhammer, Jr. FB Nick Mongiello, and Sr TE Greg Kovacs. The kicking / punting game will be in good hands with Sr Zack Czap from Philipsburg, PA. As far as the offensive line, I will be paying close attention to their progress in the coming weeks. From what I have heard, there is a pool of good offensive line talent that will fill in the gaps left by graduation. This will be very important for Lycoming's offense since they need a balanced running and passing attack.

Wiser's 40th Coaching Year
Switching to defense, I hope you are aware that Steve Wiser is in his 40th year as a Warrior coach. Hard to believe, 40 years and still going strong. His defensive knowledge has been praised by Clark, Frank Girardi and the DIII football world. Expect the 2013 defense to rebound from losing 5 real good players. "The Wizard," as he has been labeled will come up with more talented athletes and place them in the right position to benefit the whole team. Look to Jr DB Tanner Troutman, Sr LB Kabongo Bukasa and Sr DL Dwight Hentz to be leaders for the defense this year. Wiser will be looking to incoming freshman and sophomores and some juniors to fill in the gaps from last year.

We are about one week away from Brockport State in Rochester, NY and the game has been moved to the University of Rochester. Brockport is in the middle of putting turf on their football field, but the project is running a little late, so the game was moved to the University.

For all of us who love Lycoming Football, this is like Christmas Eve. It will be exciting to watch the 2013 edition of Warrior football. I will be taking photos, video, tweeting inside information that I hear about and keeping you informed. I will also be doing player interviews throughout the season. I hope to see you at the games. Please say hello!