Friday, February 28, 2020

Lycoming Football: 2019 Football Photo Collection and Merchandise

2019 Season Photo Collection - You can download photos free or purchase something for your loved ones.
In ten years, you will wish you did! Feel free to spread the word!

You ask for it. Many have asked how to buy photo prints, canvas wall hangings, metal wall hangings, etc. Currently I have quoted individual requests based on my current vendors price list. However I have found a much better and fairer pricing vendor. There are a wide variety of gift ideas for any occasion. I hope you take the time to investigate the following categories:
* Paper Prints
* Wall Art
* Desk Art
* Keepsakes
* Cards
The keepsakes area is especially interesting with refrigerator magnets, coffee mugs, keepsake boxes, photo puzzles with boxes, mousepads, coasters, post cards and playing cards.
Right now I have a number of galleries set up and will be adding interesting photos from the past and new photos as they become available. I hope you take a look and come visit often.
Lycoming College Football will make a donation to the Warrior football program from each purchase.

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