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Lycoming Football - Some Of The Faces Carrying The Lycoming Football Legacy To Susquehanna

Some of the faces that will bring back a win that the experts believe is not probable.
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Williamsport, PA - Saturday September 7th kicks off the 2019 version of Lycoming Football. Lycoming travels downstream to playing Susquehanna University for the 55th time. The Warriors have a legacy, a tradition and a winning program that will be tested again this year. The test is why we follow football and play football. My roots go back to 1973 when freshly out of the Air Force, Lycomings admissions had the confidence in me to do my best in school. They had faith that I would succeed and obtain my diploma in Accounting. It changed my life. Then I just could not stay away from Lycoming Football and have been follow in person, home and away games since 1996. I have seen many ups and down through those years. I have seen upsets and disappointments. This is football.

So QB Elijah Shemory to Sr WR Chrisroff combination you will a lot Saturday.
So I have been looking at some of the expert polls lately on D3 Football and one in particular, thew poll who gives the Warriors just an 8.6% chance of defeating Susquehanna Saturday. Are you kidding me? We might as well pack it up and not go there. Ha! Ha! But what they don't know is that this team, yes, a "team" of young me who signed on to this squad to came here to make a difference. This team has what it take to bring back the win to Williamsport in opinion. What does it take? What doesn't it take?

Sr Wr Dezmen Johnson
What does it take?
What does it take to win a football game. A little luck, a positive turnover ratio and playing over 100%. Coaches will tell you this over and over. But what I will be looking for are leaders! You can spot a leader. Always positive, handles adversity very well, because they know tha things can change in a heartbeat. A leader always is pumping up his teammates. When they make a mistake, he tells them, "That's OK! Learn from that and do it better the next time." A leader looks out for his brothers and does not want to let them down. So you can always find leaders on the field playing their hearts out for the team. Watch for them, those who have the intensity, the passion, the one who's heads are held high in all circumstances. The ones who never give up! And when you put a bunch of leaders together on a team, they are "unstoppable!" That is some of the stuff it takes to win in this game we all love. And one thing else, a leader is having fun, they just love this game.

Sr DB D. J. Boyd.
What doesn't it take?
This year on my first visit to preseason season practice it was very hot and the players were sweating. But at that time the training staff did not have water on the sidelines yet. If was coming, the coaches were very busy and some freshman were coming off the field very thirsty. There was one freshman, a young man, nice I'm sure who started complaining about how thirsty he was. It became obvious that the coaching staff didn't know why water wasn't available and they wanted someone to get water out there. So instead of this young man going to the coach and asking, "What can I do to help?" He just kept complaining, bring down everyone in the range of his voice. Great start freshman! Just what you were not recruited for and what you probably said when you were interviewed. This is what it doesn't take to be a winner.

Sr RB Keith Batkowski.
Susquehanna has a good team, an All-American and a good coaching staff. But you have a coaching staff with so much experience here also. Talk to Steve Wise or Head Coach Mike Clark. Ask them about the Lycoming Football team that was in the third round of the playoffs in 1990. Most wondered how they would ever beat highly ranked Hofstra. In fact, before the game the administration of Hofstra already bought plane tickets to the National Championship game in Bradenton, Fla from what I heard (We didn't by them back from them). But the Lycoming coaching staff and players did not believe what everyone else thought! And that 1990 team of leaders, young men who put everything they had on the line, when out and defeated Hofstra 20-10. It was a shot that rang out loudly in D3 Football.

The team headed to downstream rival Susquehanna University.
I remember that game so much, as I had to work and listened to it on the radio. So exciting listening to those young players, just like you, overcoming what everyone else thought would happen. And those same players lost the National Championship game in overtime 21-14, a game they weren't supposed to be at! A missed field goal late in the contest was the ABC Wild World of Sports tagline, "The Thrill of Victory and The Agony of Defeat," moment! They, all leaders gave it their all.

So I don't believe in polls! I believe in leaders. Leaders are positive, caring for their brothers, ready to give it their all. If you, players of Lycoming football, have not fallen asleep by now and read this to the bottom of this page, I would implore you with the following. Have fun, Saturday give it your all this weekend, be ready for adversity and be ready for a big win!


John Green '77 - Go Lyco

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